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Creating a Social Safety Net for Vulnerable Children

Children, who have lower chances of contracting the virus and very rarely exhibit severe COVID-19 symptoms, were not considered a priority group during this pandemic and thus treated like the adult population – pulled out of their regular environments almost overnight, made to stay at home and expected to migrate their entire lives.

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Intergenerational Dialogue on ‘Learning from Leaders’ Considerations & Experiences in the current Global Context

Some twenty years ago I was asked at the Harvard Catholic Student Center to share some reflections on how young Catholics could engage with religious pluralism. That is, models of encounter for young Catholic women and men with people from different faiths—with the diversity of world religions—as well as with committed humanists who pursue the common good from a non-religious angle...

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What we do today determines our tomorrow

Dr. M. Aram

Founder President, Shanti Ashram
Former Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

Shanti Ashram

‘Shanti Ashram is a creative laboratory where the problems faced by our communities can be both identified and provided with constructive solutions. Our spiritual motivation inspires us to be engaged in social action’.

For the past 30 years, Shanti Ashram has been accompanying communities and individuals in their efforts to move out of poverty, address inequalities, build creative leaders and ensure sustained development. Through a commitment to constructive social action, the Ashram strives to serve as a catalyst to empower the different sections of rural communities, and the society at large.

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