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Anjali to Minoti Amma
Co-founder of Shanti Ashram

Venue: Shanti Ashram
Date: 15th October 2021

Please join us in offering our Anjali to our dear ‘Minoti Amma’ on her 80th birthday. A very special occasion to celebrate her like and her work.
 On October 13th 2021, we will observe together an Anjali, marked by interfaith prayers, listening to the ideas and insights of children, hearing the experience of our women entrepreneur’s on a theme close to Amma’s heart’ food security’, remembering her pioneering work at Shanti Ashram & beyond, dedicating our community service scroll and honouring our ‘Pattis’.
 On October 15th 2021 , we will have a community lunch with our Franciscan brothers and sisters at Assisi Snehalaya.
 On October 16th 2021, we will have a half day interaction with our mothers who head their families across the service villages of Shanti Ashram.

Where there is love there is life!
Mahatma Gandhi


Time Events
11.30 a.m Community Interfaith Prayer led by Shanti Ashram-ICPH Teams
Opening Reflection from Shri.G.Vijayaragavan
A call from ‘OUR CHILDREN’ led by the Bala Shanti Programme
Musical Interlude
11.45 a.m Public Hearing on the critical role of Kasturba Gandhi Awardees in ensuring Food Security during the COVID 19 Pandemic
moderated by Dr.S.R.Subramanian & Ms.Monica Christina
Anjali to Minoti Amma
12.00 p.m Remembering Minoti Amma
Ms.Thangakili, Mr.Satish Kanna, Ms.Bagya Mary, Ms.Tamilarasi
12.15 p.m Dedicating the service scroll of Shanti Ashram & ICPH in serving Vulnerable Children during the COVID 19 Pandemic
Honouring our dedicated Senior Volunteers
12.30 p.m Honouring ‘Our Patti’s’
Dr.Jayanthi Ramesh, Ms.Karabi Endow, Ms.Punitha Deivanayagam, Ms.Chandra Prabha Ravikumar