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Public Health Desk

Our Focus

Provision of healthcare services and adapting solutions:

  • Primary health care services (ambulatory care) will be provided to the communities served by Shanti Ashram. Innovative ways to involve the communities to make the interventions sustainable will be explored.
  • Further it will connect our very successful community centered offsite services to the new base health centre.
  • Preventive and promotive health services will be provided to the communities through a proactive team of trained public health professionals.

While the parameters differ from country to country, and from one community to the next, the importance of quality health care cannot be emphasized enough. As an established innovator in child health, we have experience in not only mapping causal factors but also in forecasting whether a solution is likely to work within a particular context. Our cumulative learning also about how these factors, from social to cultural norms to features of the environment and infrastructure, to people’s educational levels and skills all have to be aligned in an effort to building more healthy communities.