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Inauguration of the Geriatric clinic

Venue: ICPH, Shanti Ashram
Date: 25th January, 2018

P.S.G Institute of Medical Sciences & Research and & the International Center of Child and Public Health. Kindly invite you to the Inauguration of Geriatric clinic at ICPH

Service Area: 80 -100 vulnerable elderly women from 10 service villages will benefit from this monthly geriatric clinic

Community based Care for the Elderly from Vulnerable Rural Communities

2001 census counts the proportion of Indian population above the age of sixty years as 77 million, which constitutes about 7.4% of the entire population. It is estimated that by 2051 the population of 60 plus is expected to reach to over 300 million, translating to 17% of the total population, of which a large proportion would live in rural areas.

The focus of elderly care is how good health throughout life can help older men and women lead full and productive lives and continue to be an invaluable resource for their families and communities. Ageing is a universal phenomenon, common to all communities, nations and sexes.

Shanti Ashram’s ICPH has been organizing monthly ‘support group’ meets to serve between 80-100 vulnerable elder women between 65 and 90 years of age from the service villages of the Ashram for the past three years.

PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research was started in 1985. The focus here is making of a physician in the most complete form. Students are encouraged to pursue research and present in conferences and seminars. Many of its alumni placed nationally and globally, have looked back with gratitude and admiration.

PSGIMS & R strives to make significant contribution in three areas:

  • Developing student-centered, interactive, self-learning educational modules in medical science and medical humanities.
  • Delivering scientifically sound, evidence-based individualized patient care.
  • Promoting cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, socially relevant biomedical research.

PSGIMS&R is a significant member of the PSG family. PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust, a charitable organization, is synonymous with Education. Social progress through education has been, is and will be the driving force of this legendary yet dynamic trust. The Trust came into existence in the year 1926, and over the decades many Institutions of diverse disciplines have blossomed, nurturing the budding aspirations of the youth and nourishing the changing social needs.

Shanti Ashram

Building Communities: Promoting Health

Our belief: ‘Promoting Health is an essential pre-requisite to building empowered communities’

Over 30 years, Shanti Ashram, an international Gandhian Institute for learning, development and collaboration, has served over 106 villages, cared for a cohort of children living with HIV (since 2000), immunized over 28,000 children, issued growth charts, verified birth certificates for over 38,000 children in government schools, screened adolescent girls for anemia, mobilized vulnerable women for non-communicable diseases, facilitated cataract prevention surgeries for elders and expanded sanitation coverage in over 500 families living in poverty . We work world-wide through our partnership platform and locally through our dedicated team in Coimbatore, India.

To take this work to the next level and mark her 30th year, Shanti Ashram has established the International Centre for Child
and Public Health (ICPH). ICPH envisions giving all children a healthy start to life. We aspire to extend compassionate, high quality, affordable and responsive access to health promotion and care to their families and community. In 36 months, we hope to achieve a combined outreach of 50,000 children and women.

Outreach in 2017-18: In 2017-18 Shanti Ashram’s ICPH hopes to reach out to 1500 women including, elders, young mothers and middle aged women. Shanti Ashram’s ICPH will organize the following programmes for the elderly in 2018:

  • Observe the Annual ‘Day of the Elderly’ on October 1st, 2017
  • Reach out to 1000 elders for Cataract Screening and provision of reading glasses
  • 12 monthly ‘support group’ meets to serve between 80-100 vulnerable elder women from the service villages of Shanti Ashram.
  • Create linkages with the Ashram’s Food Bank
  • Set up a community physiotherapy unit
  • Inauguration of a Geriatric Clinic at ICPH

Source: Shanti Ashram’s Endowment for the care of the elderly.


Time Events
09.30 am Interfaith prayer by the ICPH team
09.40 am Welcome by Ms. Lilly Pushpam, Physician Assistant, ICPH
09.45 am Goals of the ‘Care of the elderly program’ by Dr.Subhadra Iyengar, Coordinator, Public Health Desk, ICPH
09.50 am Inauguration of the Geriatric clinic by Dr.Anupama Murthy, Head Respiratory Medicine, PSG Hospitals
09.55 am Release of the Awareness Poster by Smt.Ashaa Rajaa, JRD Realtors
10.00 am Distribution of the Food bank support to vulnerable elders by Ms.Janani,Manager,Canara Bank, & Mr.Nambi