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Venue: Shanti Ashram
Date: 27th July 2019

Goals of the workshop:
• To understand the deeper knowledge on the concept of Volunteering and its impact
• To explore the experiences of volunteering through a public hearing with young volunteers
• To provide opportunities for hands on work in the field for community

For More Details Click Here: Global-Impact-of-Volunteering-07.28.2019.pdf


Time Events
09.30 am Registration
10.00 am Interfaith Prayer by Shanti Ashram Staff by Ms.Bagiya Mary, Ms.Monicka, Ms.Lavanya,Ms.Renisha,Ms.Arthi
10.05 am Getting to know each other
10.20 am Welcome and Goals
10.30 am Volunteering: An opportunity for leadership building and community services by Mr.G.Vijayaragavan, Head, Youth Leadership Programme
11.00 am Story of Honeybee
11.20 am Public hearing on ‘Youth led community development initiatives’ by Mrs.Chandra, Mr. Ravichandran, Mr.Siranjeevi, Mr.Aakash, Ms.Nisha, Mr.Gurubaran
12.00 noon Global understanding on the impact of Volunteering on young people by Mr.ThirunavukkarasuSivappha, Consultant –Healthcare Consulting, Cognizant Business Consulting
12.45 pm Developing an action agenda for volunteering by Ms.Thangakkili, Ms.Lavanya
01.00 pm Hands on work
• Shiramadaan at Shanti Ashram campus
01.30 pm Lunch
02.00 pm Wrap up