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Anjali to Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju
Trustee, Shanti Ashram
Former Union Health Secretary, Government of India

Venue: Shanti Ashram
Date: 22nd September 2021

Please join us in offering our Anjali to Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju

Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju was driven by a deep belief that it was our duty to work for the most vulnerable amongst us. And in realising this duty, he gave of himself freely, entirely, and with deep joy.
Shanti Ashram had the privilege of his counsel for over two decades and his formal leadership as a Trustee for over 5 years, and for his personal presence, wisdom, and loving guidance we will remain ever grateful.
We will observe this moment together with an Anjali, a community interfaith prayer, the sharing of tributes, the rendering of songs he so dearly loved and a reflection on Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju’s contribution to India and her people.

“I am particularly impressed by the fact that Shanti Ashram, despite the pandemic, despite the lockdown, has continued with its work. Someone said on this programme that “social service is always a matter of compassion, but at this time, at the time of the pandemic, it is also a matter of courage”. That is very, very true. But could I add that it is not only a matter of compassion or a matter of courage, I believe it is also a matter of duty. And every one of us who are on this programme are fortunate enough to talk to each other and to exchange ideas and to understand each other’s worlds. We are already so much more fortunate than so many millions of people in our country, which is why I say that it becomes a duty, more than anything else, to address ourselves to these problems in whatever way we can look at them.
It is something I believe we should do.”
Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju
Trustee, Shanti Ashram
Former Union Health Secretary, Govt of India

More details:  Tribute-to-Keshav-Desiraju.pdf


Time Events
12.00 p.m Interfaith Prayer led by the staff of Shanti Ashram
Musical Interlude by Ms. Kousalya, Volunteer, Shanti Ashram
Anjali to Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju led by the Bala Shanti Team
Musical Interlude by Dr. Karthikeyan Anand, Volunteer, Shanti Ashram
12.15 p.m Tribute dedicated to Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju ,br> Dedication of the Global Classroom Oration to the life, work and memory of Shri. Keshav N. Desiraju
12.25 p.m Closing Thoughts:
• Prof. Ramachandra Guha
Historian, Author and Public Intellectual
• Dr. Kezevino Aram, President, Shanti Ashram