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Time out for Grandparents

Venue: Shanti Ashram Via Online Platform
Date: 16th September 2020

Care of our ELDERLY

We invite you to do whatever you consider important!
Here are just some suggestions…

Think about the ELDERS in your family
Take a little TIME each day to do little acts of service like taking them for a walk or bringing them a glass of water, or helping them with their medicines or reading aloud a letter or a newspaper
Share your days experience and ask them how their day was!
Care for them in the special way you want including celebrating their birthdays
Ask them if they need any help with anything
Write them a short note or a birthday wish
Reflect each week on what you felt while doing these important and little ACTS of LOVE for our ELDERS

There are some vulnerable elders in the community too!
Here are just some ways you can help them…

Think about the ELDERS in your COMMUNITY
Take a little TIME to support them with Dry ration and food items through Shanti Ashram’s FOOD BANK
Care for them in the special way you want, including volunteering in the community after the COVID 19 Pandemic
Gift them a saree for DIWALI
Reflect on why some ELDERS are alone?
Is there something we can do to decrease their loneliness and increase their happiness?

More details:Time-out-for-Edlerly-People-on-16th-Sep-2020.pdf