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People’s Pharmacy

Rationale of setting up the pharmacy: A pharmacy attached to a health centre will provide comprehensive and patient centered services round the clock, as per the prescription of the medical team. Patients interact with the health system at multiple points. Medication therapy may be started, altered or adjusted at any point along this continuum of care by multiple providers. This pharmacy is called the ‘People’s Pharmacy’ as it emphasizes integration of patient needs, affordability and integration of generic drugs. Our long term goal is to make treatment more affordable for our vulnerable communities

People’s pharmacy was set up for vulnerable children and adults with the following goals:

  • Designing the inventory of people’s pharmacy to include generic drugs thus making health care more affordable especially for chronic illness.
  • For well child outreach and public health campaigns to do market research and stock cost-effective multi-vial vaccines.
  • To partner with the Government of Tamil Nadu and stock free vaccines for the immediate service area so that immunization coverage is increased.
  • As part of well child outreach to stock traditional whole grains weaning food and nutritional children’s food.