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Meet the Expert

Meet The Expert

Dr. S. R. Subramanian will be speaking on
Food security and Hunger

A review of its effect on National development on 21st April 2018
between 10.00 a.m - 11.00 a.m at Shanti Ashram

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Food Security brings into focus the linkage between food, nutrition and health. ’Food Security’ is the ability of a country or a region to assure adequate food supply for its current and projected population. World Food Summit 1996, adopted the following definition for it and reads ‘ food security exists when all people, at all times have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet the dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life’.

India is the second most populous country in the world with about 1.2 billion people and the third largest economy by GDP. Despite economic growth and self sufficiency in food grain production high level of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition persists in India. Globally 800 million are undernourished with India ranking (194.6 billion) especially in the rural sector.

The Global Hunger index 2017 ranks India at 100/119 countries on the basis of 3 leading indicators

  • Prevalence of underweight children under 5 years of age,
  • Under 5 child mortality and the
  • Proportion of under nourished in the population.

Dr.S.R.Subramanian, Head of the Sustainable Development Programme at Shanti Ashram will elaborate on the

  • Concept of food security
  • Discuss in detail the intersections of food security with child health and
  • Look at the role of public institutions in ensuring food security for vulnerable children.

Profile of the Speaker

Dr. S.R.Subramanian, Head, Sustainable Development Programme at Shanti Ashram

Dr.S.R.Subramanian, a leading Agricultural Economist, completed his M.Sc (Agri) and Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from the prestigious Tamilnadu Agriculture University (TNAU).He started his carrier as Research Assistant in 1964 and went on to become Director of the Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies (CARDS), TNAU and retired in 1998. He has to his credit 4 books & 64 research papers. He has had the distinction of guiding 66 post graduate & 18 Ph.D scholars. He has also served as consultant to UNDP, the State Planning Commission, Chennai. He has visited Switzerland, U.S.A, U.K, Thailand, Scotland and Philippines.

Currently as Head, of the Sustainable Development Programme at Shanti Ashram he is leading a multi-village initiative to advance food security. His Programme division also coordinates a successful consortium of over 100 women entrepreneurs and has implemented projects with UNDP, Government of India, State Government of Tamilnadu, CAPART, L&T, Centre for Environmental Education & Michigan State University. He is now involved in the impact evaluation of National Agricultural Development Projects (NADP)(2014-15) implemented at a cost of Rs.303 crores in Tamilnadu.

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