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Meet the Expert

Meet The Expert

Design Thinking

on Thurs day, the 4th of July,2019
between 9.30 a.m – 10.15 a.m at the Seminar Hall, Shanti Ashram

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Profile of the Speaker

Ms. Janaki Mythily Kumar
Head of Design, Commercial Bank,
JP Morgan Chase

Mythily is a thought-leader in design-led innovation.

She has delivered award-winning products and services that help organizations transform the way they work. She is a proven leader in building, coaching and inspiring high-performance teams, leveraging design-thinking, customer empathy, and co-innovation.

Mythily is a friend and fan of Shanthi Ashram. She is humbled by its purpose driven mission and adores the amazing people who work here.

In this interactive talk, Mythily will build on the concepts she shared in her Innovation Workshop in 2015. She will present a quick refresher to Design Thinking; introduce a new technique called Customer Journey Map, and end with thoughts on how to be an effective agent of change.

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