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National Nutrition Week Observance 2023: Fuel for the Future

Venue: International Center for Child and Public Health
Date: September 1st - 7th 2023

National Nutrition Week Observance 2023 @
the International Center for Child & Public Health focuses on:
Fuel for the Future

Introduction: National Nutrition Week 2023 is observed between 1st to 7th September every year. Poshan or nutrition is the study of how the body uses all the essential nutrients in food to fuel and nourish itself. An individual’s nutrition, or poshan, starts right from the day they are born and lasts till they live.

Theme: The theme of the 2023 National Nutrition Month campaign is “Fuel for the Future” which encourages consumers to make healthful choices to maintain their health throughout their life. To generate awareness among the general public about the significance of healthy eating practices and proper nutrition for upholding a nourishing lifestyle.

Why do we celebrate National Nutrition Week? The main idea behind establishing the National Nutrition Week is to educate people about the importance of nutrition. National Nutrition Week is celebrated from 1st to 7th September, to highlight the importance of having a balanced nutrition diet.

At ICPH we hope to do the following:

•Under the Ensuring and Sustaining the Rights to Holistic Education & Nutritional Security Initiative
o Nutritional Literacy Sessions for mothers of children in early childhood across 5 service villages
o Master Chef Competition for Mothers
Community Outreach in partnership with
the Bala Shanti Programme
Supported by Velan Valves India Pvt Ltd

•As part of the project: Building Communities and Promoting Health project to organize a
o Anaemia Prevention and management session
o Little Chef Competition for High Schools Students
Supported by: Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity

• As part of the Bala Shanti Programme
o Anaemia Prevention & Micronutrient distribution to vulnerable children
Supported by: Supported At Distance (SAD)