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Venue: Online
Date: 15th May 2021


15th May 2021

World class Obstetricians and Gynecologists come together for a Virtual Marathon of Solidarity during this unprecedented COVID 19 Pandemic!  This Marathon is unique, because in addition to being marked by dialogue and the sharing of cutting edge knowledge, it will be an act of solidarity. The Marathon will help support Shanti Ashram, a Gandhian center of development, learning and collaboration in India. In the midst of the Pandemic, this concrete support will help sustain Shanti Ashram’s public health services and vital development outreach for vulnerable families, children, young people and elders across its service villages.

Come join us to stand in solidarity!

 Scientific Lectures by

  1. Dr.Antonio Lanzone
  2. Dr.Basky Thilaganathan
  3. Dr.Christoph Lees
  4. Dr.Daniela Fischerova
  5. Dr.David Cibula
  6. Dr.Davor Jurkovic
  7. Dr.Dirk Timmerman
  8. Dr.Antonya Testa
  9. Dr. Elisabeth Epstein
  10. Dr.George Condous
  11. Dr.Gianluigi Pilu
  12. Dr.Giovanni Scambia
  13. Dr.Lil Valentin
  14. Dr.Luca Savelli
  15. Dr.Mauricio Abrao
  16. Dr.Nick Raine-Fenning
  17. Dr.Nicola Persico
  18. Dr.Pedro Ramirez
  19. Dr.Rabih Chaoui
  20. Dr.Rudi Campo
  21. Dr.Salvatore Mancuso
  22. Dr.Tom Bourne
  23. Dr.Tullio Ghi
  24. Dr.Vincenzo Bergella

Those who want to see the platform in which the Marathon will be held must register at this link: https://fad.eminerva.eu/sub_event_unicatt.php?codevento=mfsol2021

More details: Timeline-Marathon-for-Solidarity_15.05.21-IST.pdf

More details: Opening-Remarks-at-the-Solidarity-Marathon-15th-May-2021-by-Dr.Kezevino-Aram.pdf