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29th Sarvodaya -Focolare Round Table


29th Sarvodaya -Focolare Round Table


The 29th Sarvodaya-Focolare Round Table is being organized on the 25th of April, 2020 jointly by Shanti Ashram and the Focolare Movement. It will bring together partner organizations and a select group of young people. This is because of the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic that has infected till date over 2.7 million people worldwide and affected and affected the majority of humanity.

The Roots: The Sarvodaya- Focolare Roundtable is part of an ongoing commitment and concrete effort to promote universal brotherhood, interfaith -dialogue and realization of Gandhiji’s vision of Sarvodaya.
Since 2002, from the first meeting of our leaders to the coming together of like-minded institutions, individuals, children, youth and artists, our journey has been transformative. In the process, we have learnt about each other, our spiritual motivations, leaders, constructive activities and contributed in making this a better world

Complementing the Sarvodaya – Focolare Roundtable are our fraternal visits to Italy, hosted by the Center for Inter-religious Dialogue and the Sophiya University of the Focolare movement. A multi-institution delegation from India convened by Shanti Ashram and representing the Sarvodaya movement has been organized periodically for the past 17 years.

Even as the Government and the global community continues its efforts to make sense of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic both in the short and medium term, we meet again – this time virtually – to revisit the importance of ‘community’ in good times and in times of crisis and aggregate the community service initiatives that each of our organizations has led in our own cities, our neighbourhoods


Time Events
10.50 am Assembly Time
11.00 am Introduction to the participants.
Mr.Vijayaragavan Gopal, Head, Youth Leadership Programme
Ms.Chandra Ravikumar, Senior Volunteer, Shanti Ashram
11.05 am Prayer for Peace
.V.K Vivehaa, Student Volunteer from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
. Youth Representative, Focolare Movement
11.08 am Opening Remarks
Dr.Kezevino Aram, President, Shanti Ashram
11.12 am Reflection on 'the unfolding of a sense community' in good times and in crisis
.Dr.Priya Vaidya, Mumbai University
Followed by brief response:
Ms.Annamaraia Attard , Dr.Suriyakanthi & Mr.Placido
11.20 am Initiatives during COVID -19( 2 minute Executive Presentations
Dr.Raja, Gandhigram Rural Institute)
Ms.Karunasagari, Director, Bhakti Natya Nikethan
Prof.Suguna.K.Assistant Professor, PSGR Krishnammal College for Women
Mr.Parthipan, G-Public Charitable Trust
Focolare Movement
Shanti Ashram Initiatives:
Mrs.Deepalakshmi, Head, Bala Shanti Programme
11.35 am Centenary celebration of Madam Chaiara (5 mins)
.Updates led by Ms.Marilu Rossi & Mr.Antonia Salimbeni
.Reflection by Siranjeevi, Gurubaran & Dhanya Youth Volunteers @ Shanti Ashram
One minute quick reflection from the participants
12.14 pm One minute silent prayer for the people affected by Covid-19
12.15 pm Closing song by
Mrs.Punitha Deivanayagam & Focolare Friends